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Our Mission is to help millions of people with the goodness of Homoeopathy which helps in maintaining health along with the Happiness....!

Homoeopathy, an effective system of alternative medicine works dynamically both on the physical and mental plane....Committed to offer the best quality of homoeopathic treatment, considering the health, disease and treatment. The treatment will be given on ‘Totalistic Approach’ (also called holistic approach).. Here the ‘diseased individual’ is treated with revolutionary totalistic approach. Our sole aim is to treat the sick patient and not the diseased part with best quality of homoeopathic treatment of international standard and excellent support system to patients. This principle of totalistic approach was first brought before this world by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany in 1796. The homoeopathic medical science (also called homoeopathy) is in one way called modern science as it is just some 200 yrs. old.

We have tried to give good details about Homoeopathy..what actually Homoeopathy does...and common questions arising in the minds of common man regarding Homoeopathy.

Dr. Santosh Jaiswal